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Hello I’m Jackie!

The women I work with are quietly ambitious and ready for their next  opportunity to thrive as successful and confident leaders. Yet when many of them look at their career, they often feel like they've not achieved as much as they should have.


Perhaps you feel the same.


Perhaps you’re lacking confidence in yourself as a leader, especially when you compare yourself to other female leaders. You might be feeling you’re not fully playing to your strengths, or like a fraud when you think about stepping into a new leadership role. You might also be thinking you’ve nothing new to offer because you’ve been where you are for too long and haven’t enough qualifications or experience.

I get that. I’ve been there and I understand the challenges women face in the workplace. That's why I’m passionate about helping you to become the leader you want to be.

A leader with influence and impact.


Let me show you that leadership doesn’t have to be challenging or frustrating.


That leadership can be effortless and easy. That you can thrive and succeed by bringing your whole self to the way you lead. If you’re anything like the leaders I work with you have the drive, experience and expertise to be successful. You know you’re smart and capable.


You just need the guidance and support to move forwards in the direction that’s right for you.

How Can I Help?

I’m an Executive & Leadership Coach helping female leaders thrive as successful and confident leaders.


I support women by helping them discover their leadership strengths, appreciate how accomplished and extraordinary they are and helping them to believe in themselves so they can step up and shine.

With 30 years’ experience of leading and managing teams in a variety of roles and workplaces, I can help you feel confident with your own leadership style, understand your strengths and abilities, and overcome your fears of feeling like you’re not enough. 


Book in for a Leadership Clarity Call with me today. This free call will help you identify your most pressing leadership challenges as well as discover the strengths you have already that will support you to move into your next level of leadership.


Let's get started, together!

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Free gift

Free e-booklet for you!

How to Step into your Next Level of Leadership

In this free e-booklet I‘ll be sharing with you the five key steps to:

  • Identify your career vision and leadership goals 

  • Understand what motivates, drives and inspires you

  • Overcome the day to day challenges that stop you from making the progress you want

  • Explore what's holding you back 

  • Discover your own personal leadership style

  • Learn how to play to your strengths

  • Start to do more of what works for you

  • Bringing your whole self into how you lead.

Download your copy now and start taking steps towards your next level of leadership and the career you truly deserve

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