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Job Interview

Are you Interview Ready?

Build your interview confidence so
you can showcase your brilliance.

It's a well known truth that job interviews are challenging. When preparing to take on a new role, you have to update your CV and complete a captivating application, all while knowing you’ll then have to present yourself in the best possible light at interview when you're shortlisted. 

But how can I make interviews easier?

The Are You Interview Ready? programme has been designed to help you identify your core skills, strengths and values.


It will also help you to feel confident about your abilities so you stop feeling out of your depth especially if it’s been a while since your last interview.

Job interview

Where you are now

The Are you Interview Ready? programme can be tailored for your individual situation and will help you overcome the following common stumbling blocks: 

➜ You haven’t had an interview for a while and don’t know what to expect

➜ You are lacking confidence in your abilities and are letting self-doubt win

➜ You aren’t sure how to present and showcase your skills and experience in a formal setting

➜ Your last interview was unsuccessful and you lack the confidence to try again

➜ You aren’t sure how to present yourself in an online interview.


Where you want to be

This hands-on programme will teach you how to ace the interview by being your authentic self. Upon completion you will be able to:


➜ Stop doubting your competence and abilities 

➜ Gain clarity about your skills and how to demonstrate them at interview

➜ Work out what is holding you back and making you feel like a fraud when going for something new

➜ Feel confident when talking about your skills and abilities at interview

➜ Approach the interview stage with confidence and reassurance.

Get Started with the Programme

You can undertake the Are You Interview Ready? programme in one of two ways:

➜ A five-hour 1:1 bespoke coaching and mentoring session 
➜ A 4-week group programme.


Simply book in for a call with me at a time and date that suits you to find out more about the programme and let's get you interview ready today.

It had been a long time since I‘d last done an interview and in just  a few hours, Jackie helped me to improve my confidence, identify my skills, strengths and values, and understand my limiting beliefs, as well as developing my interview technique.


Jackie is very approachable and understanding as well as being direct with questions that you may find challenging. She made me feel at ease to be my authentic self. I felt supported and that I was in a safe space to discuss whatever I wanted.


I would highly recommend Jackie for coaching, self-development and interview prep.”

Charlotte Ballard: Best Practice and Collaboration Manager

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