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Team Transformation Toolkit 

Finding the right tools to challenge and unlock your teams potential is a struggle. Most training programmes tend to be one size fits all, are over-complicated, theoretical and don’t address the main team leadership issues affecting your team.


The Team Transformation Toolkit is built differently. Using my 30+ years experience of working in various organisations and companies, I have specifically developed this training to be adaptive, targeted to your individual and specific outcomes, and hands-on with impact you can see right away.

The best organisations should be wanting to effectively enable their leaders and teams to deliver projects and objectives in a way that builds and maintains a culture of collaborative working.

However, that can sometimes be easier said than done. You may have attended team building sessions in the past but still be afflicted with the following common issues:

➜ Lack of communication and information sharing within teams and across departments
➜ Difficulty managing change or resolving conflict
➜ High levels of stress and burnout being reported with increasing risks of mistakes or human error
➜ High staff turnover and unnecessary absenteeism.

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What is the Team
Transformation Toolkit?

The Team Transformation Toolkit consists of bespoke group training days and 121 coaching with staff, that support your teams to gain clarity about themselves and their teams in specific areas.


These include:

➜ Developing self-awareness in relation to individual team strengths, skills, values and behaviours

➜ Connecting the work of the team to the goals and strategic objectives of the organisation

➜ Understanding individual and team traits and dynamics

➜ Recognising and managing conflict, negativity and toxic behaviours in teams

➜ Sharing responsibility for effective group relationships

➜ Recognising how to lead by example and how different styles contribute to team performance


Getting started is easy. Book a 30 minute call with me today to explore how this can work for your organisation.

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How will the Toolkit Empower my Team?

The Team Transformation Toolkit has been designed to support not only your team but also the individual. Far too often, team building exercises focus too much on the collective as a whole and don’t consider the fact that teams comprise a group of individuals, working together towards specific goals and objectives.

When looking at the most successful and cohesive teams, you’ll often find that at it’s heart, each person understands and acknowledges the contributions they make that support the group.


The Toolkit focuses on supporting staff to recognise their unique skills and abilities, the expertise and experience they bring, and the qualifications and knowledge they’ve gained. You’ll be able to explore how these skills can be utilised and enhanced while also gaining a better understanding into how the make-up of their team impacts the requirements of their projects.


A framework of training is provided that offers a supportive and safe space to explore areas of difficulty, such as dealing with conflict, effective communication, and delivery of constructive feedback.  

What you'll Discover


Upon completion, your bespoke toolkit will have equipped you with the tools to understand and take action to:


  1. Build an inclusive culture of collaboration that improves staff morale and reduces absenteeism 

  2. Enable better decision making and increase productivity and revenue 

  3. Recognise and acknowledge the value that individual staff bring to the organisation

  4. Develop and nurture leadership and management potential

Get Started with the Toolkit

Simply book in for a call with me at a time and date that suits you to find out more about the Toolkit and how it can work for you and your team.

“The session with Jackie was valuable and I ended up with so many things I could take back to the workplace to put into practice. Jackie creates a really great training atmosphere; she’s relaxed and makes you feel the same. I also got to understand my colleagues better and discover that we share a lot of the same challenges.


I can’t thank Jackie enough for the difference she’s made and it all seemed so easy and effortless during the day. I definitely recommend her if you want to build a team that can overcome challenges together and create a better working environment.”

Sue: NHS Services Manager

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