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NHS Next Level
Leadership Transformation

Supporting your team to the next level of leadership

Working in the healthcare sector can be full of challenges and you need to have staff that are professionally equipped to deal with the daily stressors and complexities of their roles. 

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare environment, it's essential that leadership at all levels is collaborative, compassionate, and inclusive in order to support the delivery of high-quality care.  

How can your staff and teams become more confident and resilient?

The NHS Next Level Leadership Transformation programme is a unique coaching, mentoring and training opportunity designed to support your teams to thrive and grow as successful and confident leaders. They'll have access to ongoing support that's specifically geared towards building resilience,  enhancing confidence and developing leadership skills. 

At the heart of the programme is a commitment to providing tailored support and guidance that meets the individual needs of your staff and team, enabling them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to develop personalised development plans that address their specific needs and goals. 

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Where you are now

The NHS Next Level Leadership Transformation programme can be tailored for your individual situation and will help you overcome the following common stumbling blocks: 

➜ Inability for staff to recognise their skills, expertise and experience

➜ Lack of processes for dealing with misalignment and negativity within the teams

➜ Lack of shared values and vision within the teams or departments 

➜ Professional development and leadership skills are not taught or maintained 

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Where you want to be

This hands-on programme will teach your staff to be competent in the following key areas: 


➜ Developing effective communication skills to support collaborative relationships across teams

➜ Understanding individual and team traits and dynamics to allow for more synchronised working

➜ Developing basic coaching and mentoring skills

➜ Building resilience and coping with stress while avoiding burnout

➜ Discovering and developing their personal leadership style.

Get Started with the Programme

Whether your team is looking to enhance their key leadership skills, step into a role with more responsibility or simply come together under the same values and vision, the NHS Next Level Leadership Transformation programme gives you level of training and support they need to get them there.


The programme comes with a variety of training material and sessions:

➜ 121 individual coaching and mentoring sessions

➜ Range of training workshops for individual and group development 

➜ Comprehensive workbooks to record progress 


Simply book in for a call with me at a time and date that suits you to find out more about the programme and let's get your team where they need to be.

“Jackie provided an 18 month programme of monthly 1:1 coaching with senior managers and  delivered a number of training sessions with groups of staff focusing on team building and the characteristics of how teams should interact in order to achieve high impact results. The programme over this time was tremendously advantageous for all parties involved and made significant improvements in business areas and helped individuals to exceed in areas where business growth was planned. 


The individual coaching was tailored around the individual, but linked to core business objectives and as result of the work, our NHS Trust now has a group of managers who are more confident and able to work and deliver in their roles in a completely different way. 


This programme of work has also paid dividends in terms of wider organisation development. I would absolutely recommend the support to any other business’s looking to develop internal candidates, whether this be for succession planning or simply where a business is growing in a new direction and staff need support to embrace changes in the work environment.”

Conan O'Neill: COO & Deputy CEO for London, Central & West NHS Trust

"Jackie is an excellent facilitator for team building and vision planning workshops. I have had the pleasure of working with her on my teams and we always walk out of the workshops feeling exhilarated and ready to take on any challenges."

Sindhu Balakrishnan NHS Transformation London Central & West NHS Trust

“The session with Jackie was valuable and I ended up with so many things I could take back to the workplace to put into practice. Jackie creates a really great training atmosphere; she’s relaxed and makes you feel the same. I also got to understand my colleagues better and discover that we share a lot of the same challenges. 


I can’t thank Jackie enough for the difference she’s made and it all seemed so easy and effortless during the day. I definitely recommend her if you want to build a team that can overcome challenges together and create a better working environment."

                                                            Sue: NHS Staff & Services Manager

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