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Work with Me

You Can Do Anything You Want! 

Life is short, so live it and go for what you want.

Working with a coach, either an executive coach or a life coach, will get you from where you are now to where you'd really like to be and having the career and life you want. 


There are a couple of ways you can work with me; either individually on a one-to- one basis or as part of your team in your organisation.

One to One Coaching

Choose a personalised, bespoke programme to work out what your needs are,  and ultimately where you'd like to be. 

NHS Next Level Leadership

Supporting female leaders & NHS teams to step into their next level of leadership through 1:1 coaching, mentoring and team training

Corporate Training

Access training that will transform your teams, as well as develop and nurture both current and aspiring leaders.

Redundancy Recovery

Supporting you to survive and thrive after redundancy.

Are You Interview Ready?

Discover how to prepare for interview and build your confidence so you can showcase your brilliance.

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