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Hello, I'm Jackie!

I know that it’s possible to show up as a woman and be the leader you want to be. I also know that you can be a role model and a mentor and stay true to your values and yourself as you do it.

My mission is to support you to thrive as a confident and successful leader.


More importantly, I want to help you recognise and acknowledge how amazing you are.


I want you to get away from feeling like a fraud or an imposter with your boss or your team, feeling like you lack credibility when dealing with your senior managers or feeling your confidence dip when you've had to manage conflict and have difficult conversations.


I want you to feel assurance in yourself and your abilities, know your own strengths, appreciate what you have to contribute, and overcome your fears of not feeling smart enough.
I’ve had to conquer all these things and I know that you can too.

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A Little About Me

I have led and managed teams for over 30 years in a variety of roles and I’m passionate about helping women discover their own personal leadership strengths and to believe in themselves. 


I originally started as a nurse and spent most of my clinical career delivering palliative community care, then 20 years ago, I made a career change into management and leadership of teams, projects and community healthcare services. My desire to make a positive difference to others, led me to designing and implementing services that would improve outcomes for patients and families. And along the way I started to effectively support staff with their leadership skills.


At the time everything I was doing felt new; I had to adjust to working in an office and leading in a completely different way. Yet like most of us whenever we make a change, we appreciate we have more transferable skills and experience than we realise. However, I learnt that no matter where you’re working, people are the most important part, whether you’re recruiting them, developing them or leading them.

Leading people and teams is a world away from managing them and I started my coach training as a way to feel competent in supporting my own staff in the way that they needed. Over the last decade, I completed extensive coach training and certification, dealt with redundancy, the end of my marriage, and supported myself financially.


I now work with individuals and organisations like the NHS helping others to identify their own career visions and supporting them to step into their next level of leadership. Especially when it
comes to navigating leadership challenges such as setting boundaries, dealing with conflict, coping with negativity and toxicity, measuring and managing performance and providing constructive feedback.

Originally from Nottinghamshire, for 30 years I had a home in Lincoln and for the last 7 years I’ve lived in London. I have a grown up daughter and I spend my free time exploring London, watching tennis, or hanging out in bookshops.

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