About me!

Hello, I'm Jackie

I know that it’s possible to show up as a woman and be the leader you want to be. I also know that you can be a role model and a mentor and stay true to your values and to yourself as you do it.

My mission is to help you as a woman in the workplace maximise your talents, understand your potential and recognise your purpose. More importantly, I want you to believe and acknowledge how amazing you are.

I want you to get away from feeling like a fraud or an imposter with your boss or your team, feeling like you lack credibility when dealing with senior managers, feeling your confidence dip when you have to chair meetings, delegate tasks and manage your team.

Instead, I want you to feel assurance in yourself and your abilities, know your own strengths and recognise what you have to contribute, and overcome your fears of not feeling smart enough.


I’ve had to conquer all these things and I know that you can too.

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My story so far...

I didn’t become an Executive and Leadership Coach straight out of school and neither did it happen overnight. 


Being a student nurse, newly married and pregnant

At 18 I left home to train to be a nurse, and for over 15 years, I specialised in palliative care. For many years, I looked after people in their own homes who were approaching the end of their life. This was a role that was equally challenging and rewarding, something that was reflected in my personal life.


At 20 when I was still a student nurse, I became pregnant and had to work out what I wanted and how it would be possible. I was lucky in that my daughter’s father and I were together to raise her for over 25 years. However from a relatively young age I had a lot to learn; how to be a parent, a partner, a housekeeper, a breadwinner, and all at a time when I was still learning to be a nurse. Looking back at that time in my life, it’s easy to see the experiences that shape you.

Then nearly 20 years ago, I pursued opportunities to become a nurse manager, then a project lead and service manager. I had to quickly learn how to work in an office and manage teams and staff in a completely different way. However, I loved it and I developed skills and experience that still stand me in good stead today. I learnt that no matter where you’re working, people are the most important part, whether you’re recruiting them, developing them or leading them.


Leading people and teams is a world away from managing them and I started my coach training in a way to feel competent in supporting my staff in the way that they needed. 


Being made redundant and getting a divorce


My path suddenly shifted direction when I was made redundant. That’s an unpleasant word isn’t it? Redundant. No longer useful, not
required, not needed. Almost overnight, my self-belief and self-confidence plummeted and I struggled to reconcile with a future that I couldn’t see. But I decided to use the redundancy money and concentrate on building a coaching practice.


Nice and straightforward you’d think and in terms of coaching I suppose it was, but what I didn’t know was that emotionally my life was about to fall apart. Within a few months of the redundancy, my husband left. I was alone for the first time since I’d been a teenager and I had to rely on myself in a way I’d not done before. I had to emotionally support my daughter, grieve for my marriage and support myself financially. And at around the same time my 10 year old niece, was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

After our family home was sold, I put everything I wanted to keep in storage, left the city where I’d lived for 30 years and moved to London, and for a time Paris. I wanted to find out what I wanted and in a way I wanted to get to know myself again. ​


I still live in London and my daughter is all grown up and about to get married herself. 

Being a leader in many new ways 

We’ve all had times in our lives when we’ve had to dig deep into ourselves, be resourceful, be resilient and carry on. For me, that’s real leadership, being able to lead, support and manage others as well as yourself. That’s why I coach leadership now, because it’s not only about the leaders on the big stages, although it’s great to have role models to aspire to and be inspired by, it’s also about how you lead our own lives on a day to day basis. 


It's an incredibly rewarding experience to witness when my clients really grasp the fundamentals of who they are and to appreciate how anything is possible. It’s about believing in yourself and the strength you’ve learned from your experiences and the resilience you’ve built over the years. I want to help encourage and empower you as a women to become the leader you want to be, to have impact and influence in your career and in your personal lives. All without losing yourself in the process.