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Being a woman in the workplace

As a woman you’ll be used to coping with a multitude of workplace challenges such as dealing with a difficult boss, lacking confidence in leading your team or projects, struggling to feel credible, or feeling like a fraud. 

The list is endless and if you don't have the support you need in the workplace, where do you go for unbiased help and individual support? 

How I will help


As an Executive and Leadership Coach, I help women like you work through these common issues. I'll support you to take a more in-depth look at where you are now in your career, what your main challenges are and help you to work out what's possible for you. 

You’ll also learn how to deal with difficult situations when they arise, such as your boss, your colleagues, your friends or your significant other.


You’ll leave with knowledge and understanding of yourself as well as the tools and strategies that you can use again and again in the future.

More importantly at the end of our time together, you’ll leave with a better understanding of who you are; what drives you, what makes you anxious, what makes you doubt yourself and what makes you act and respond in the way you do.

All of my 121 programmes combine individual coaching time with learning modules and guidance to help you out into practice what you’re learning. 

My programmes

Strategy day

1 or 1/2 day intensive

1 to 1 coaching

If you want to take a comprehensive look at several areas of your life quickly and come up with an immediate action plan then either the one-day or half-day strategy session is your best option. It’s an intensive session where we'll spend time exploring your values, your skills, the level of confidence you have in yourself, and most importantly, what might be getting in the way of your success.

You’ll leave with clarity on what you want, you'll understand your strengths and how to utilise them to be effective and impactful, you'll explore what might be undermining your confidence and how to build it, how to motivate yourself and you'll also have a clear plan of action for the next 3-6 months that you can easily implement. 

Throughout the session you'll complete and keep a workbook that has been designed specifically to capture your learning and insights and will be a useful reference tool for you in future. 

As part of the intensive, you’ll also receive a further 30-minute follow up session. This enables you to track progress and accountability, as well as provide you with space and time to reflect on your learning.

At the moment these sessions are delivered using in person video over Zoom.

Foundations Programme 

4 months

1 to 1 coaching

This four month programme will give you clarity and confidence and help you work out what you really want in your work life, as well as connect with your ambitions.


It will give you the insight and self-awareness you need to understand your core values and what motivates you.

It will also help you to start to:

  • Understand what is undermining your self confidence and self belief

  • Break old habits that aren’t working for you and create new ones

  • Discover the purpose and direction you really want in your career

  • Be excited about what you’re learning about yourself

  • Take action and make choices with new insights

 Transform your life

12 months

1 to 1 coaching

This twelve month programme will support you to make a significant career change, create opportunities and take life-changing action for the future you want. Whether you’re going for a promotion, feel undervalued, want to explore other opportunities or looking to make a complete career change, then this programme will give you all you need. Not only will you get the clarity you’re looking for, you’ll also be motivated to take action and start to feel excited about what you do and what's next for you.

You’ll get step-by-step support to work out what you want and build the confidence you need to explore your career goals and dreams. It’s full of the resources and strategies you need to help figure out how to be clear about what you want. 

You will also:

  • Develop a clear style that will define the future of your career and your personal life

  • Strengthen your resilience to deal with challenges and overcome obstacles

  • Acquire focused direction, support and accountability

  • Realise you’re more than good enough.

What People Say...

"Everyone should have a Jackie" 

You are a real booster and a wonderful woman to know. Thank you for the coaching - you always give my day such a humongous lift.


Having coaching from you has given me so much and has helped me understand my inner self. Everyone should have a Jackie!

Julie: Business Owner

"I now realise I am a confident, successful leader"

Before I started working with Jackie, I had experienced some particularly challenging behaviour from a colleague at work. Over the years, this caused me to go into my shell. I am a very driven and ambitious person so this negative experience had a big impact on me.


Jackie helped me to identify my own patterns and behaviours and work on tactics to overcome periods of self doubt. Reflecting on where I have come over the past few years, I now realise I am a confident, successful leader with a clear style that will define the future of my career.


Thank you Jackie, it's been a wonderful journey!

Alex: Business Development Manager

 " I liked having someone to provide challenge and support"

Having protected time to reflect and focus on me was invaluable. The coaching sessions with Jackie were enjoyable and I liked having someone to provide challenge and support.


I learned more about me, like how I like to work and all the skills and experience I have. I thought they didn't count and I believed that I didn't have anything to offer.

Helen: Project Manager

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