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One to One Coaching

Being a woman in the workplace

As a woman, you’ll be used to coping with a multitude of workplace challenges such as dealing with a difficult boss, struggling to maintain your credibility, or feeling self-doubt when you compare yourself to other women in leadership roles. 

The list is endless and if you don't have the support you need in the workplace, where do you go for unbiased help and individual support?

How I can help 


As an Executive and Leadership Coach, I help women like you work through these and many other common issues. I'll support you to take a more in-depth look at where you are right now, your main leadership challenges, help you to work out what you really want, and support you to take action to achieve it.

Leading isn’t just about managing projects, it’s about people. The people you work with and the people you’re leading.

So it makes sense to get to know yourself, when you’re at your best, what your keys qualities and styles are, so that you can ensure you lead in the most effective way for you.

Where you are now

The Next Level Leadership Transformation Programme combines individual coaching time with specific learning modules.


The programme will help you identify common feelings or situations that may be acting as barriers, including: 

➜ Balancing career aspirations with family responsibilities

➜ Dealing with imposter syndrome and self-doubt

➜ Coping with isolation of lack of support from peers and mentors

➜ Struggling with work-life balance and burnout

➜ Feeling you can't fully play to your strengths

➜ Not feeling credible when working with senior team or taking on new projects

➜ Wanting to discover your own personal leadership style and to be the best leader you can be

Professional Female

Where you want to be

The Next Level Leadership Transformation Programme involves up to 12 months of support and coaching. It leads you to where you want to be.


During our time working together, you will:

 Gain insight into your personal strengths, values and leadership style

 Learn the tools and strategies that allow you to lead in a way that fits who you are

➜ Understand what’s holding you back and develop clarity about what you want 

 Feel confident and more assertive in your leadership role

Learn how to deal with difficult situations and manage conflict 

➜ Maximise your leadership strengths and impact in an authentic way 

➜ Set clear goals and action plans for your career advancement as leader

Get started with the programme

Get Started with the Programme

The Next Level Leadership Transformation Programme comes with intensive and focused direction.

You can undertake the programme in one of two ways:

➜ A 6 month programme to get you started on your leadership journey
➜ A full 12 month programme to really dive into your career trajectory and leadership goals


Simply book in for a call with me at a time and date that suits you to find out more about the programme. Let's get your leadership career on the right track today.

Next Level Leadership Strategy Day

If you want to take a comprehensive look at your career and leadership quickly and come up with an immediate plan of action, then a bespoke Next Level Leadership Strategy Day is your best option. 


This is a full day where we’ll spend time together to clarify your leadership vision and build the foundations to help you achieve your goals and dreams. This will include:

➜ Identifying your core values, your reason why and your career and leadership purpose

➜ Working out your strongest skills, what you're good at and what you like doing

➜ Learning what's undermining your confidence and getting in the way of your success


We’ll also work through and understand your most pressing leadership challenges, such as setting and maintaining boundaries, building a collaborative and effective team, dealing with conflict, coping with negativity and toxicity in the workforce, measuring and managing performance, and providing constructive feedback.


Together, we'll then determine the strategies you can put in place that will help you deal with all of this. 

At the end of your strategy day, you'll leave with: 

➜ A clear plan of action, based on your strengths and expertise, that you can easily implement

➜ A workbook that has been designed specifically to capture your learning and insights 

➜ A further 60-minute follow up session included, allowing you to track progress reflect on your learning


Strategy Days take place in Central London or virtually via Zoom. I have availability for one strategy day per month.

Female Student Portrait

Jackie's coaching provided me with a completely new understanding of my career choices and expectations and I highly recommend her programme to anyone. The coaching program was immensely valuable, and I still reflect on many of our discussions. 

Jackie is also a wonderfully warm and open-minded person, and an experienced leader who is highly psychologically astute. 

Claire Weiller, Product & Partnership for V2X @Fermata Energy

Jackie worked for our Trust providing both 1-2-1 executive coaching for members of the management team and a team building session for cross departmental leaders. 

I could not recommend Jackie highly enough. Her sessions brought great insight and strengthened team bonds which saw operational benefits. Her coaching has allowed managers to grow internally, develop new skills and become the best version of themselves.

Liam Mahon, NHS Director of Digital & Innovation

​Jackie has given me a space where I can look back at my achievements and challenges. Working with her has led me to a deeper understanding of my values, goals and aspirations for the future, personally and professionally!

Dr Amara Bello, NHS Clinical Director, North West London, Integrated Care

Working through the Strategy Day Workbook with Jackie in the way we did was a great experience for me. Jackie’s guided visualisation exercise was particularly powerful & got me right back on track with my intentions.​

Completing the workbook in my own time & then coming back to discuss it really gave me time to think things through, and resolve some unanswered questions that had popped up during the process. The fact I can go back to the workbook & reflect on things in the future is going to be hugely beneficial. Then I can track progress or simply remind myself where I was, where I am now & whether I’m reaching my goals. It’s like my very own Haynes manual!

Lynne Buttercase, Senior Programme Manager, Scotland

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