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The Leadership Confidential is here to support you in stepping up as an authentic leader.

Everything has been designed specifically to support your ambitions and goals, whether you are concentrating on setting up a large project within your organisation or want to run a local book club.

The Leadership Confidential

The world needs more great women leaders!

When you look at yourself, do you see a leader? Or are you overwhelmed by the perceptions of perfection and the expectation of you as a woman in the workplace?

Deep down, you know you can become a leader with influence and impact.  

A leader with heart. 

A leader with compassion and kindness who can manage a business, a project, a team, your boss; chair meetings, build relationships and feel fulfilled in a career you've chosen. 

I’ll support you in bringing all of yourself into your leadership style. You don’t need to lose your femininity and compete with men. You can lead with your heart and, most importantly, be your best self.

This membership group has been exclusively designed to help both corporate women, as well as small business owners work out what leadership means to them and how to become a successful leader. 

What you'll gain

The Leadership Confidential is an online community of like-minded women where you can create meaningful connections, learn the secrets of your own unique leadership style and be supported and guided to take charge of your career.

You’ll also be ready to:

🔹 Accomplish your career goals while not going it alone

🔹 Become a leader with impact and influence while staying true to yourself

🔹 Fulfil your potential without the frustration of not feeling valued or recognised for your outstanding contributions

The Leadership Confidential is a place where you can access support and help on an ongoing basis. There are monthly training sessions, specialist programmes and weekly check-ins which will help you follow you personalised path to successful leadership.


There are also regular events and calls where you can ask for advice and gain support direct from me and from each other.


This is a community of women, a sisterhood, where you can share your challenges and experiences, and fully be yourself.

How it works

Bespoke content

As a member of the group, you’ll get regular content, weekly check-ins, monthly Q&A sessions, and live video streams on topics that are actually relevant to you as well as providing the space to talk to other women and a professional leadership coach.


It’s easy to access and you can pop in whenever you want. You'll  be able to accomplish the success you’re looking for in the workplace while having the benefit of not going it alone


There are no hidden costs to the membership; the monthly fee is £49 and once you sign up you'll have access to everything. Also if you recommend a friend, you’ll receive a free 30 minute private coaching session with me.


This online, supportive group has been exclusively designed for corporate and business women like you, to gain on-the-go work place advice and get the connection, mentoring and learning you’ve been looking  for.

A bonus for you

Kick-start your membership with a Leadership Mentoring Session

When you join The Leadership Confidential, you can sign up for a two hour Leadership Mentoring Session with me.

In this session you will be able to:

  • Explore what you really want in terms of your leadership vison and goals

  • Discover what motivates and inspires you

  • Gain clarity about your key strengths and skills

  • Discover what might be undermining your confidence and what to put in place to build it

  • Develop a clear plan of action for the next 3 months


The Leadership Mentoring Session costs £375 and you’ll also get:

  • A 30 minute follow up call to help you track your progress and accountability

  • A Mentoring Session Workbook to capture your personal learning and insights, and use as a handy reference tool in future.

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What people say...

Working through the Mentoring Workbook with Jackie in the way we did was a great experience for me. Jackie’s guided visualisation exercise was particularly powerful & got me right back on track with my intentions.

Completing the workbook in my own time & then coming back to discuss it really gave me time to think things through, and resolve some unanswered questions that had popped up during the process.

The fact I can go back to the workbook & reflect on things in the future is going to be hugely beneficial. Then I can track progress or simply remind myself where I was, where I am now & whether I’m reaching my goals. It’s like my very own Haynes manual!

- Lynne , Senior Programme Manager: Scotland

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Ready to get started?

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