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Say goodbye to an anxious and stressed holiday period!

Join my two-week Christmas programme and start feeling more festive, calm and joyful.

Christmas I find, is like Marmite; you either love it or you hate it. But the reasons you hate it might stem from feelings of overt stress, worry, anxiety and be as far removed from festive cheer as you could possibly get.

Maybe you see that your Christmas responsibilities are already piling up. Maybe you’re the one always in charge of bringing the Christmas vibes and positive energy, leaving you wrung out in the process.

Maybe it’s already been stressful trying to create a new normal after the long periods of lockdown and you can’t bear the thought of added Christmas pressure on top of that.

How would it feel to approach the holiday feeling like you actually have the time for yourself?

✓ What if you have some time for yourself without feeling guilty?

✓ What if you have a 4-day break at a spa with your girlfriends?

✓ Or an undisturbed hour in the bath with a good book?

✓ Or snuggled up in the sofa with Quality Street and a favourite film?

This doesn’t have to be a “what if?” dream but something you can turn into reality today!

I can’t promise miracles, but I can help you determine what a great festive period looks like for you, and give you the support and confidence to make it happen – all without feeling guilty.



Okay, I’m interested – what are the details? 

What: Two week online course, 3 live training events each week, plus a live Q&A along with complimentary worksheets and exercises to keep you focused and on track (see below for course content)

When: Monday 6 December at 7pm to Monday 20 December

How: Access anytime through a private, members only Facebook group

Price: For 48 hours only, I’ll be running this programme for only £56!

Book before 5pm on Friday 3 December to get this great low price. (You can still join after this date but the price will be £225)

Course Content

Over the 2 weeks of the course you'll go from frustration and overwhelm to feeling relaxed and ready for Christmas. 


For your stress-free Christmas you'll get to:

🔹 Work out what your stress-free Christmas looks like

🔹 Understand what's most important for you right now 

🔹 Identify the biggest challenges that are holding you back and undermining your self-confidence

🔹 Pull all your learning together with strategies for action and self-care

🔹 Make a commitment to yourself, for now and the future

🔹 Celebrate all you've learned and achieved

Have the relaxed Christmas you deserve!

Simply enter your details below and you’ll be sent all the information need to join, pay and kick off your 2021 Christmas with a smooth start

Book your place now 

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About Jackie: 

Jackie is an Executive & Leadership and works exclusively with women like you who are aspiring leaders and who are looking for that extra support to realise how accomplished & extraordinary they already are.

Leadership isn’t something you’re ever really taught. If you’re lucky enough to have a mentor at work then you have support while you’re learning, but often women learn through trial and error.

Jackie understands the challenges that women face in the work place today and uses her experience to support the women she works with.

Her mission is support her clients to become authentic leaders who bring all of themselves to the way they lead. She helps women in the workplace maximise their talents, understand their potential and recognise their purpose.


One of the areas she is passionate about is helping women discover their own personal leadership styles and strengths as well as supporting women to believe in themselves.

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