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Ready to discover your own Unique Leadership Style?

Your own personal leadership style is something that is unique to you. You might not have thought knowing your own style was important but it’s an intrinsic part of how you show up as a female leader.


🔹 Its knowing your strengths and playing to them

🔹 It’s stopping yourself from competing with others or feeling intimidated by your seniors

🔹 It’s having innate confidence in how effective you are without losing yourself in the process

🔹 It’s where you show up as an authentic leader by bringing your whole self to how you lead



This Masterclass is for you if:

➜ You want to stop feeling like a failure when you compare yourself to other women in leadership roles

➜ You know you have the ability and drive to be a leader but you don’t know how to play to your strengths

➜ You want to stop feeling like a fraud when you think about stepping into a new leadership role

➜ You want to feel confident and credible when working with senior staff or when taking on new tasks or projects


Ultimately this is for you if deep down, you know you can become a leader with influence and impact.  

If this is you, then I’d love to introduce you to these powerful Female Leadership Styles:
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Join me for this FREE Masterclass 

The transformational Leadership Styles have been created from a uniquely female perspective.  So often leadership is presented and approached from a masculine perspective which often doesn’t play to our strengths as women and we can struggle to thrive.

You will be able to:

🔹 Explore the eight different female leadership types and their characteristics

🔹 Identify which leadership style you can adopt to enhance your natural skills and strengths,

🔹 Find out more about what makes you effective as a leader and the style that works for you

🔹 Identify and capture the true genius of your own unique leadership style.


My mission is to support you to bring all of yourself into how you lead. You don’t need to lose your femininity or compete with men to be a successful and effective leader.

Discover Your Unique Leadership Style. 

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About Jackie: 

Jackie is an Executive & Leadership and works exclusively with women like you who are aspiring leaders and who are looking for that extra support to realise how accomplished & extraordinary they already are.

Leadership isn’t something you’re ever really taught. If you’re lucky enough to have a mentor at work then you have support while you’re learning, but often women learn through trial and error.

Jackie understands the challenges that women face in the work place today and uses her experience to support the women she works with.

Her mission is support her clients to become authentic leaders who bring all of themselves to the way they lead. She helps women in the workplace maximise their talents, understand their potential and recognise their purpose.


One of the areas she is passionate about is helping women discover their own personal leadership styles and strengths as well as supporting women to believe in themselves.