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The Leadership Transformation Group Programme.

Your leadership style is something that is unique to you.


You might not have thought knowing your own style was important but it’s an intrinsic part of how you show up as a female leader.


The Leadership Transformation Programme is an eight-week step-by-step programme where I coach, guide and teach you how to understand and play to your strengths in a way that feels authentic.

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Discover Your Own Unique Leadership Style!

Become a confident and empowered leader by finding the unique style that works for you!

The Leadership Transformation Group Programme is an eight week group programme and it has been designed to fill in the gaps in your leadership skills that have been lacking because you’ve learned your leadership in a masculine orientated culture. You will also be supported to learn about your own personal leadership styles and strengths and how to harness them to be a successful female leader.


This Programme is for you if:

✔ You want to stop feeling like a failure when you compare yourself to other women in leadership roles

✔ You know you have the ability and drive to be a leader but you don’t know how to really play to your strengths

✔ You want to stop feeling like a fraud when you think about stepping into a new leadership role

✔ You want to feel confident and credible when working with senior C-suite staff or when taking on new tasks or projects


Ultimately, this is for you if deep down, you know you can become a leader with influence and impact: 

✔ A Leader with heart

✔ A Leader with compassion and kindness who skillfully manages her business, her projects and her team

✔ Above all a leader who feels fulfilled in the career she has chosen

Overall The Leadership Transformation Programme is designed to take you from where you are now, to becoming a confident and powerful female leader who knows she doesn’t have to leave your femininity at home

Learn how your personal style can bring you success

What’s your leadership story?

Leadership is about being able to lead and influence others and that starts with learning and understanding who you are. Leaders must be able to lead themselves before they can effectively be a role model and lead others.


When people think about leadership they think of influence, guidance and power.

Effective leadership starts with you

The core component of leadership is authenticity. You can’t lead in a way that goes against who you are, your values and principles.


  • Are you currently in a leadership role?

  • Do you aspire to be?

  • And if you are then what sort of leader are you?


​The Leadership Transformation Group Programme has been created from a uniquely female perspective in order to support you to be more effectively and authentically you as a leader. 


So often leadership is presented and approached from a masculine perspective and that doesn’t play to your strengths as women, and you can struggle to thrive.

The end result of The Leadership Transformation Programme is knowing your own unique leadership style, as well as how to apply the new knowledge so you no longer waste time doing or worrying about things that don’t work or help you reach you goals.

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How The Leadership Transformation Group Programme works

Bespoke content

This is an eight-week step-by-step group programme where I coach, guide and teach you how to understand and play to your strengths in a way that feels authentic.


Each weekly session runs for 90 minutes using Zoom.


You’ll have a 121 Kick-Starter session with me before the programme begins as well as your own individual workbook to guide you and to capture your learning and insights.


You’ll be able to try out each of my  eight transformational Leadership Styles using a variety of different scenarios to help you explore and discover your own unique style.


You will get the chance to experiment and step out of your comfort zone and learn something new about yourself.


I will also be teaching you how to recognise what might be undermining your confidence as a leader as you identify what works best

for you.

Professional support 

Each eight-week cohort is small so you get individual attention from me to

support and guide you throughout the programme.


There is also a private Leadership Transformation Facebook group to help you keep focused, motivated and accountable outside of the group sessions and where you can ask questions

and share your experiences and learning.

Join my free Masterclass

As an introduction to The Leadership Transformation Group Programme, I encourage you to join my next FREE Masterclass  where you can start to discover your unique Leadership Style.

Join me for this free Masterclass to: 

✔ Explore what is effective about how you approach leadership in order to do more of what works

✔ Learn about the eight female leadership styles and their characteristics

✔ Identify which leadership style you can adopt to enhance your natural skills and strengths

✔ See how you come across to others and whether it’s consistent to how you see yourself

✔Start to bring all of yourself into how you lead


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