• Jackie Booth

Nothing will happen unless you make it happen

A couple of months ago I found I’d been procrastinating about getting on with certain things, which makes me feel guilty and doesn't help. I know that at some point whatever I've been delaying will still needed doing!

If you’re anything like me when I'm feeling like this then you’ll find yourself getting distracted by social media or cleaning out old paperwork, rather than do certain jobs.

So although at the time, I took myself to task and got on with them, old habits die hard.

This blog is about what might help when you are still stalling and not getting on with the tasks you’ve set yourself.

Be kinder to yourself. We’re only human and that means we’re fallible. Don’t focus on the negative feelings of guilt that come up when you know you’re procrastinating. Forgive yourself and start afresh.

Just get started. Even if you don’t feel in the mood to get on with it, then start with something small. If you’ve a report to finish, open the document, read it through and then write a sentence. A small amount of progress can make you feel better about the whole task and it becomes easier to keep going.

Don’t be a perfectionist. We can all be guilty of this when we want things to be just right, yet it can have a detrimental impact on both you and getting something completed.

It can also be a hindrance by driving you off course as well as creating unnecessary worry and stress. When I get like this I lose all my energy and enthusiasm and just get frustrated with myself, so I try not to focus unduly on all the perfect details and just aim to successfully complete something I want to get done.

Celebrate. This can be two fold. It really helps to give yourself positive acknowledgement once you’ve finished something, even if it’s only a small accomplishment. All too often we overlook thinking about how we feel when we’ve achieved something and its as good to be proud of ourselves as it is to feel that way about others. Don’t overlook yourself!!

It’s also great to celebrate by doing something as a reward for whatever you’ve accomplished. For me that’s often a trip to the cinema. Films and good drama are so accessible for us all at home now that we rarely go to the cinema, yet when I was growing up, I always considered it a real treat, so it’s an activity I still feel is a luxury and an experience I really love.

It would be great to hear what you do to celebrate, either large or small!!

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