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Nothing will happen unless you make it happen

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

How often have we heard that? That we need to work hard to be successful. And how often after hearing it, do we feel deflated that we’re not working hard enough?

Or that we should have done more to achieve our goals and dreams?

It can feel like a perpetual downward spiral, especially if you’re not where you want to be in your career right now.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have set plenty of goals over the years in order to get better at X or work harder at Y, or wouldn’t it be great if Z?

If we’re being honest here, we never really believed we’d achieve them so we just give up the following week or month when we hit even the smallest hurdle.

And let’s not even get started on the number of times we compare ourselves unfavourably to the other person that got the promotion you wanted, or the house you like, or even the dog you want.

It can be hard to stop blaming yourself when things don’t plan out the way you want, but it’s important to not use that as a reason to give up.

It’s so important to keep working towards your goals and dreams, even if they seem too big to be realistic.

Because when you stop believing in them, I can guarantee that they won’t happen.

Shift your thinking

Simply changing your perspective can really shift your thinking when it comes to goal setting and motivation.

To get you started, here are 10 things to stop doing right now:

1. Don’t wait for the perfect time - there isn’t one.

2. Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want- this won’t make you happy in the long run.

3. Don’t think you can’t be successful.

4. Don’t shrink to fit into someone else’s expectations of you or work towards someone else’s dreams.

5. Don’t dream small. - expand your limits and goals and get excited about them.

6. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission, you are the one in charge of your own life.

7. Don’t second guess what you should be doing - focus on what you’re good at and if you don’t know what that is, then get someone to help you work it out.

8. Don’t think you have to do it alone - find the support and guidance to help you.

9. Don’t be hard on yourself if you’ve had a bad day because tomorrow is another day.

10. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

What about the do’s?

After you’ve worked your way through the don’ts, there are four key things you can do to shift your thinking that will help you right now.

1. Do something kind for yourself.

You’re only human and that means you’re fallible. Stop focusing on the negative feelings of guilt that come up when you know you’re procrastinating.

Forgive yourself and start afresh.

2. Do something now.

Even if you don’t feel in the mood to get on with it, then start with something small. If you’ve a report to finish, open the document, read it through and then write a sentence.

A small amount of progress can make you feel better about the whole task and it becomes easier to keep going.

3. Do something imperfect.

We can all be guilty of seeking high levels of perfection when we want things to go well for us, yet only letting work go out once it’s perfect can have a detrimental impact on both you and getting something completed.

It can also drive you off course as well as creating unnecessary worry and stress. When I get like this, I lose all my energy and enthusiasm and I get frustrated with myself.

So, I try not to focus unduly on all the perfect details and aim for completion as a starting point because getting something done always makes me feel better.

4. Do something to celebrate.

It really helps to give yourself positive acknowledgement along the way. All too often we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back when something has gone well, even if it’s only a small accomplishment.

It’s good to be proud of ourselves and if you mark your success with a celebration then you are reminding yourself that you can get things done, you can achieve what you want and you will feel good about yourself at the same time.

This could be you

You could be taking the next steps on your career path towards something you really want and if you’re ready to work out what that might look like and would like some help, then I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself and find the support you need.

I’d recommend working with a coach to get started on working out exactly what you want.

This could be me or it could be someone else – whoever you find, all that matters is that you get started on your journey.

Next December will come along whether you are working towards your goals or not; imagine how you will feel if you’re actually realising your career dreams and are in the leadership role you’ve always dreamed of by next Christmas.

If you’re interested in finding out how I can support you on your leadership journey then book a free 30 minute clarity call with me and we can start to work out:

✔️ Your vision, goals and what you want next for your career

✔️ Your strengths, skills and key values, and how to use them effectively

✔️ What might be undermining your confidence and key steps to build it

✔️ How to motivate yourself to take action and make a commitment for yourself and your future

There's no time like the present to get started on where you want to go.

Jackie x

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